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Lawn Aeration in Bend, OR

In addition to water, sunlight, and nutrients, your lawn also needs room to breathe in order to thrive. It can’t do that well if your soil is too tightly compacted. TruGreen is here to loosen it up for you.

Aerating is one of the most important parts of lawn care. In fact, it’s second only to watering in the amount of good it can do for all soil types. Ask about our lawn aeration in Bend, Oregon, and we’ll send someone over to perform a TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis right away. We look forward to showing you the significant effect it can have on your lawn.

How the Service Works

Core aeration is a mechanical procedure that involves pulling plugs of soil from the lawn to take the pressure off the roots of your grass. The cores are then left on top of the lawn, offering extra nutrients as they break down for that healthy green glow. You’ll find your grass’s root development and water circulation are much improved after a visit from us.

When Should Aeration Be Done?

Different soil types have different requirements. The only way to what you lawn needs is to schedule an in-person consultation with one of our experts. Staying on top of a set aeration schedule is an essential aspect of lawn care, and we are happy to determine how often your grass requires service. One of the best times is during the growing season, so the grass has time to heal.

Contact us to learn more about our top-quality aeration technique. We visit homes in Bend, Oregon, and the nearby neighborhoods.

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