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Lawn Seeding in Bend, OR

It’s all too easy for those hot, rainless days of Oregon, to turn your lawn from a lush green to a dry brown. That can ruin your curb appeal. Thankfully, TruGreen is here with a comprehensive solution that’s easy and long-lasting. We offer professional lawn seeding in Bend, Oregon, to fill in those thin spots and make them blend in with the rest of your grass. This can be combined with our aeration service or done on its own, depending on your needs.

Some portions of your grass may require a little more help than others, and without proper training it can be hard to know what to do for them. The scientists responsible for our seeding service test samples gathered by technicians to see exactly what your soil needs to produce the lawn you desire. They then develop a completely unique formula and service plan for your property.

What This Work Does for Your Yard

Once we’ve performed our TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis, we introduce new grass varieties by scattering seeds over the thin and bare spots in your yard. It’s only a matter of time before they sprout into seedlings, and then become bright green grass. Our seeding service improves your yard’s resistance to droughts, so those long stretches without rain won’t be the ruin of your beautiful grass.

Overseeding Is a Safe Investment

The expertise of our company is nationally known, and we have enough confidence that we’re willing to back it with the TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee ®. With our guarantee on your side, you know you’re getting a healthy lawn all year long. This is especially important in a place like Bend, where frosts can happen even in summer months. We work to make certain your lawn is ready for anything.

Contact us for an in-person consultation that’s scientifically catered to you and your lawn. We service the homes of Bend, Oregon, and the nearby areas.

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